RAZORGURLZ 2014 prototype


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SYNTHETIK XS: razorgurLz: 2014 prototype
artbook of Mark Beachum’s photogazms

This perfect bound, softcover book is filled with pages of miscellaneous photos from Marks fashion, fetish, erotic and cosplay-style photo explorations over the years, the images that you will find inside are all varied in mood as well as style, because as you might have recognized while looking at his work, Mark has no set style, yet his art is always identifiable as his, always unique and captivating no matter if you are a fan of the subject matter presented; a whole philosophy with a distinct thought-out world behind each image that he even seemingly casually jots on paper, all of it is comprised of his broad world-view and curiosity.

This limited edition protype was a proof of concept/printing test for the upcoming full launch which will be around 100 pages and will include unpublished comics as well!

Ahead of his time: Perhaps one of the first artists to delve into cosplay photography, he started the modern badgirl craze that has taken the comicbook industry 20 years to catch up to!

Beautiful square format, the composition of the images and most definitely the skill level and creativity of the art presented are sure to please the eye and take the viewer on a journey, for some perhaps melancholic, for others exciting, it will be to each their own… As with all other Beachum’s work, nudity should be expected, as human bodies are fuel for this artist’s curious mind.

Softcover: 48 pages
Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches
Publisher: synthetik:XS / femmenoir er0tix

this book will come hand signed by the artist
ships flat: insured



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