enter the world of the supergurlz™ where ultra sexy superheroines go into action against unknown adversaries!

 2021: BRINGING SEXY BACK one mo’ gain

‘sup internet! Me:>> Im’a have me sum moaR funz makin sexy stuffs and meanwhile gonna dip into this here crowdfunding thang! U>>U do that thing you do… aight? 

let’s do it to it!

The goal: self publishing the second volume of supergurLz™: part catalog, part comix, part art magazine, part photomag: all sexy!

preview of supergurLz v2 [ left: v2 cover / right: v2 variant ]

Double the page count of the first volume!

100 pages: 8.5×11 full color [and some ink pieces], perfect bound softcover!

supergurLz v2 consists of: a compilation of pin ups sold on ebay, commission pieces as well as a selection of my photos shot in a stylistic fusion that is equal parts fashion/erotic/artistic/glamour: ultrasexy!

Included in this volume is an expanded version of a darksexy satiric wonder woman sequence that the deviantart gang have been demanding moar of: soooo it has been expanded into an ongoing storyline with new pages/sequences and remastered versions of the original sequence.

Action, Ecchi, Sci-Fi, Superheroine, Adult, Mature Audiences

+ an awesome powergurL variant cover!!


I’ll be featuring other artists doing superheroine riffs, especially those who don’t get much exposure. This issue introduces deviantart creator VONVILE  [Chris Bird] who is developing his own universe of superheroines illustrated by the awesome renderings of Ryan Kinnaird. Look them up online to see moar.

characters © Chris Bird. Art by Ryan Kinnaird

The material in this issue flows back and forth between dark and edgy pin ups to xXx and is intended for an adult audience that digs sexy 2-fisted action, awesome art and bad azzed supergurlz!

.because: freedom iZ sexy™ and supergurLz™ iz delicious–nome.sayin?”

indie iz the only way to roll…


mark.beachum | XL | dv8xtc | mNem0sys | synthetik: XS : nothing else will do

…For those who don’t know: once upon a time I did thangz for “the evoldoerz™” ..and now I don’t.

Q: Why crowdfunding?
A: Since I decided not to work for evoldoerZ™ it has been tricky getting projects done out of pocket. Getting the resources to get the art done, hire the models/make up artists/video production, webdev, costuming etc takes time and quite a bit of elbow grease. This an inefficient way to get things done. Printing is the single most expensive issue for indy-publishers and is THE make-or break factor in getting a project off the ground.
  Supposing a successful crowdfunding campaign I can get supergurLz v2 to print,  get moar done, moar better and moar quickly. So: want moar Mark Beachum projects?: you know what to do! [either way: there will be moar supergurLz one way or another]!!

IN THE the 1980’s and 1990’s I made comix…SEXY.

[dc, marvel, syphons, samuree, vampirella…]

…take a minnit and dig the wayback machine…[this stuff will not be in this volume but I’ve included it here to showcase some of the earlier work since I’ve been “underground” for over 2 decades.]

“…So many artists leave out the incredibly sexy trademarks that MAKE a woman a damn woman. I appreciate you so much for drawing women like WOMEN!! You’re such a rarity and breath of fresh air in the comic / art scene…”(Lindsay Platoshyn, Artist)

wayback machine Mark Beachum SPIDER-MAN art circa late 1980’s
Recent cover for VAMPIRELLA publisher DYNAMITE celebrating Black Artists on Black History Month

…and then the 20teens came and I started self publishing my backlog of photography and ebay art

syllabus erotique artbook | razorgurlz v1 | supergurLz v1

where it began: SUPERGURLZ [in trouble] v1:

50 page full color artbook filled with traditional artwork goodness that were painted/drawn, and iconic cosplay photosets of comic book superheroines in a perfect bound softcover…

Take a peak at the preview below:

supergurlz v1 and a selection of interior pages

REWARDS: stuff explained

[digital rewards]

***digital pdf = supergurLz v2 artbook in pdf format

all contributors get a premium 1 month subscription to the supegurlz network

the site is an ongoing work in progress where mNem0sys makes films/videos, experiments, and posts new superheroine themed art and sexy supergurlz photosets.

After the first month it drops down to the default user level that still allows viewing some of the content and full use of the community features currently in development:

  • user galleries
  • member profiles
  • forums
  • direct messaging
  • and more

[digital visionary]

  • digital bundle of my self published werkz:
    supergurLz v1
    supergurLz v2
    supergurLz v2 variant
    wallpaper pack [zipfile]
    alienzkin v1
    razorgurlz prototype
    synthetikxs v1
    syllabus erotique 1
    7 pdf’s and one zipfile [20 tweaked images + 20 unmodified images for the photoshop masters to fug with]

[physical rewards]

***only the collector tiers get a numbered certificate with their signed book

mini-monoprint giclee:

full color 4.75 x 6.5 high quality giclee mini-monoprint
each print embellished with acrylics and inks
                      printed on 100% rag high quality art natural paper
signed/sealed by Mark Beachum and shipped in a toploader for maximum protection
choose 1 from 4 different images:
    [images will be posted as they’re created]

original art:

8 x 10 full color mixed media painting 

only 10 available with your choice of a superheroine:
                       1 wonder woman
                       2 supergurl
                       3 powergurl
                       4 she hulk
                       5 black cat
                       6 vampirella
                       7 black widow
                       8 batgurl
                       9 black canary
                     10 harley quinn

[images will be posted as they are developed and are first come first served. I’ll post the layouts/pencil prelims ahead of completion.]

Risks and challenges

In the last few years I’ve managed to complete and self publish a few titles on a small scale out of pocket: synthetik:xs v1, supergurlz v1, alienzkin, syllabus erotique 1. For the future I am working on refluxed, recreated releases of the stories I did for PENTHOUSE COMIX: BACKLASH/NIGHTKLAW as well as a remastered version of RAZMATAZ, alienzkin v2 and INTERCEPTORZ: a scifi superhero book along the lines of x-men/syphons. The material in this volume is complete [except some of the new sequence pages which are in progress and will be completed during the running of this campaign] and all that is needed is funding for printing. Printing will take between 2 weeks-4 months depending on volume. I’ve worked out the pricing so the price on the perks + shipping [and kickstarter/stripe processing fees] are as reasonable as possible so this project can’t go wrong: all the art/photos/grafix and layouts are done by me so there are no other costs involved. The price of the book printing is covered by the perk price. I anticipate June being the approximate time for shipping the hard copies [the digital and miniprint rewards will be fulfilled as soon as funds are available!] Being a one man show; I am keeping the risk to a minimum so this goes smoothly and leads to the next projects leveling up!

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